22 William Street R95 V120 Kilkenny, Ireland



The Team

“Truffles” is more and beyond its physical location….
What you will ultimately discover is the passion of our team, which resonates throughout the restaurant. Such dedication is what makes your meal at “Truffles” unforgettable.

The sleek and elegant interior of the restaurant hosts a broad and exciting journey for each of its esteemed clients, and every aspect of the experience draws from flavours, scents and textures.

Every meal tells a unique and worldly story through hand-picked ingredients, and a guiding and resourceful service is forever present and uncompromised. Our taste buds have done most of the traveling around the World. While Milko and Zori spent over of 10 years working in some of the most prestigious restaurants in USA, Italy and UK, achieving the highest customer satisfaction, Lukasz spent years of dedication, mastering his skills in a number of top locations in UK and Ireland.

Fusion is most certainly at the heart of our concept as well as exploring the art of the molecular cuisine, with Lukasz and his dedicated team merging French and Italian cuisine respectively.


“Truffles” offer its guests the opportunity to taste not just the finest ingredients, but dishes which are sautéed in passion and garnished with pleasure. No dish served at “Truffles” leaves the kitchen unloved. The team ensures that your entire experience is a labour of love. Attention to detail and presentation is the key, and a fusion of timeless professionalism and contemporary cuisine is what forms our concept.
Our kitchen team draws inspiration from the tuber fungus for their dishes, both directly and indirectly. They constantly experiment with the luxurious ingredient, and allow their guests to fully appreciate the aroma, texture and flavour of the truffles they supply. The chefs orchestrate the creativity of a selection of different menus available for every occasion, whose variety excites!

The team also offers its guests the chance to indulge the “Truffles Experience” for private events. Our ambience, inviting service and outstanding dishes are the perfect ingredients for that special occasion with friends, colleagues and family.

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