22 William Street R95 V120 Kilkenny, Ireland
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Vegan and Vegetarian Menu

Available Tuesday to Sunday, Lunch & Dinner


A Gourmet Dish, rooted into the Earthy notes of the Roasted Beetroots, Whipped Goat cheese mousse, pickled walnuts dressing

Delicious combination of nutty Cauliflower, nubby Farro with earthy Carrots, Celery and Garlic cloves… Coriander and Extra Virgin Olive oil to get them together!

Chunky Goat cheese ring, Charred Beef Tomato, Tossed Seasonal Zoodles, Dressed with homemade Basil Cashew pesto and Organic salad leaves

Earthy flavors, created from Tahini, Turmeric, Cumin, and Onions, Served with Fried Pitas and Spicy chick peas-tomato relish

Main Courses

“Meaty” cuts of aubergines, layered up with Sun-dried tomatoes, Roast peppers and lentils, wrapped in Phyllo dough, Royal pepper relish

Gently tossed in the pan, finished in the oven, on bed of simmered Savoy Cabbage and garlic beetroot aioli, roasted Cashew nuts

This risotto is studded with the color and vibrant flavor of Spinach, Fresh sauté Leeks and Artichokes, nubby notes of tossed Pine nuts

Homemade Pasta, Semi-dried Tomatoes with fried capers, Grilled aubergines and Fresh parsley, freshly shaved Parmesan

Layers of Roasted Aubergine, Courgette, Diced tomato and Red Bell pepper, Seasoned with Thyme and Maldon Sea salt, coated with Creamy Vegan béchamel

A delicious blend of Wild mushrooms and Arborio rice, tossed with Fresh chives, Yeast flakes and drizzle of Black truffle oil