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Dessert Selection

Dessert prices-€6 for Lunch and Early Bird Menu, €8 for A la Carte Menu

Duo of White and Dark Belgium Chocolate Mousse that even the most saintly of guests won’t be able to resist! Garnished with Wild berries compote

Favorite dessert of Ice Cream lovers of all ages, from gooey to fruity to fudgy, these sundae has all the fixing’s for a fabulous dessert! (G)

Amazingly “healthy “delicious dish, created from triple berries, With a twist of nutty brittle on top! (G)

Mara de Bois Strawberry and bourbon vanilla, Dipped into Dark Chocolate glaze, with sprinkle of Coconut shavings (G)

Elegant and sophisticated, but made from simplicity… The brittle caramelized topping and the smooth, creamy custard beneath

Indulge Your Dining Experience with carefully selected cheeses, Figs and sweet onion homemade chutney, Introduced at your table (G)

(€6 supp. for Early Bird Menu, €12 for a third course on EB and A La Carte Menu)

***Dessert prices-€6 for Lunch and Early Evening Menu, €8 for A la Carte Menu***


Dessert wines by the glass:
Ats Cuvee Late Harvest, Tokaji, Hungary-€5
Osborne Fine White Port, Portugal -€5
Offley Tawny Ruby Port, Portugal -€6
Offley LBV Port, Portugal -€7,50

Our dishes are made of ingredients not necessarily mentioned in the description.
Please notify us, at the time of the order, any kind of allergy or intolerance.
The Truffles staff is at your disposal for the choice of wines by the glass

Specialty coffees:
Irish coffee-€7 Baileys coffee-€7 Calypso coffee-€7
Amaretto coffee-€7 Sambuca coffee-€7 French coffee-€7
The Truffles staff is at your disposal for the choice of
Dessert wines and Digestives by the glass